Swinging log trap

Added: 29.05.2018

Duration: 1:16

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Log trap Swinging
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Log trap Swinging
On a failed check, the trap triggers.
Log trap Swinging
How To Make a Swinging Log Trap [VIDEO]
Log trap Swinging
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Log trap Swinging
This trap uses a tripwire to trigger a swinging log.
Log trap Swinging
How to Make a Swinging Log Trap
Log trap Swinging
How to Make a Swinging Log Trap : BoobyTraps
Log trap Swinging
Make a Paper Crossbow How To:
Log trap Swinging
All you need is a lot of rope, two logs, and something that you want smashed between them.
Log trap Swinging
File:Swinging log dead weight sakamori.info - Wikimedia Commons
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